Your Guidebook to Life on the Water in Myrtle Beach

Know what’s fun? Having a watersports passion. You count down the days until you can get back to it in Myrtle Beach every spring.

Adrenaline junkies come in all forms here on the Grand Strand. For some, a ride on a banana boat does the trick. Others need to soar high above the ocean waves on a parasail. There’s plenty in between, too. Here are five things to try when you come to get your water fun on in Myrtle Beach this summer.


Hang on tight. Parasailers are towed behind a boat while attached to a canopy wing, much like a parachute. Imagine the rush of soaring high above the ocean for views you can get nowhere else. That’s what happens when you parasail. Forget flying a kite. You ARE the kite!

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Downwind Sails: Ready for your exciting ride? This crew is good to go.

Ocean Watersports: It’s tough to top the fun you’ll have on a ride with this outfit.

Speed Boats

High-speed thrills are yours on an engine-powered boat, inboard, or outboard. Speedboating, for seasoned captains, is an action-packed ride. Most boats can accommodate 2-6 passengers in a craft 25-60 feet long.

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Myrtle Beach Boat Rentals: This is the way to cruise the Intracoastal Waterway and Waccamaw River.

Couple parasailing over the ocean

Jet Skiing

More control, more safety — a jet ski is smaller and often easier to navigate than a boat. There’s also a learning mode on a jet ski, like training wheels on the water. It’s easy to learn how to safely have fun on the ocean waves.

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Myrtle Beach Watersports: Great service and instruction make this a great place to learn. Experienced jet skiers make this a must for their Grand Strand visits.

Island Adventure Watersports: Hourly rates here include safety gear, instruction, and fuel. Take one out on your own or get in on a jet-ski tour.

Couple on a Jetski in the ocean

Banana Boats

Adults and teens can cruise the beach on these distinctive yellow watercraft. Can’t swim? No problem. Riders wear life jackets. And a banana boat is big enough to fit the whole family. Just hold on and have fun — your banana gets towed along the coast behind a boat.

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Atlantic Water Sports Parasail – Banana Boats: Immaculate, new rides here make for an unforgettable experience. A cordial staff serious about safety awaits.

Shoreline Water Sports: The crew here has a knack for leaving a great impression. A banana boat ride here is an awesome way to get summer started.

Families on banana boats in the ocean

Try Other Fun Things on the Water!

Learn to surf or paddleboard. Take a kayak tour or one on a stand-up paddleboard. Myrtle Beach has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the coast to the fullest.

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Kokopelli Surf Camp: Add to your excursion to Myrtle Beach by renting a board or two and asking for recommendations. You’ll find easy rentals, easy lessons, and a super fun time, whatever you choose.

Oceanfront Balcony view of the ocean

Stay at The Strand Resort

When it’s time to relax, retreat to The Strand Resort. With an amazing oceanfront pool deck and in a safe and central location, The Strand is ready to host your Myrtle Beach getaway. You’ll find pleasing decor and a friendly staff waiting to wow you. Check out the Countdown to Summer Sale and other specials going on now at The Strand and book your stay today.

Oceanfront room at The Strand
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