Who Needs to Travel to Italy When Myrtle Beach has Ciao Italian Restaurant?

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With a variety of choices from pasta to seafood you will want to eat it all, and you wont have to worry about the quality of their food. Each day they search at the local market to find the freshest ingredients. All of their chicken stock, veal stock, and sauces are made fresh daily, and all of their recipes are all made from scratch/ to order. This makes it easy for them to accommodate any special diets and food allergies. You wont taste anything like their food since most of their recipes are under lock and key, a family secret, past down through generations. Some of their signature family recipes are their Mama’s meatballs, lasagna, marinara sauce, and their mozzarella. You never know they might let their recipes slip and you’re going to want to be there to write it down. 

Ciao’s food isn’t the only reason why so many guests love dining here; they also have a superb wine selection. Awarded by Wine Spectator for their wine collection, they provide up to date wine for low prices. For customers with a more discriminating palate, you must check out their wine cellar selections. They pride themselves in a list that provides the understanding of the freshness New World, while giving the rustic feel of the Old World.  Don’t see your favorite wine?  Don’t be scared to tell the staff. Ciao will listen to their customers wants and they often change their listing and add to it from customers request. Also ask which wine works the best with which diner plate, this way you will achieve the ultimate dining experience.

When you visit Ciao Italian Restaurant it will feel like a homemade meal, without the hard work. This family owned restaurant is perfect for a family dinner with the kids.  It is also perfect for a romantic date and some alone time. Your date will be impressed with the wine and food choices, check out their menu and see for yourself!  Their hours of operation are form 11:30-9:30pm Monday through Saturday and sadly closed on Sunday.  The Strand does have wonderful dining options onsite, such as: The Market Restaurant for breakfast and The Stand Bar. Enjoy your stay with The Strand Resort and don’t miss out on this delicious experience!

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