Tips and Tricks for the Beachcomber’s Grand Strand Getaway

For a family, a couple, or a solo traveler, a beach vacation sounds like a welcome respite.


And it is! But as with any excursion, there are pitfalls to avoid. Or, at least, tips to get the most out of your experience.


We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to navigate your next Myrtle Beach getaway like a pro.

Vacation Survival Guide for Your Next Myrtle Beach Excursion

1. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Your skin is at stake! Think the faithful and consistent application of sunscreen is a hassle? Try spending a vacation sunburned. SPF 30 plus, while you’re outside, is the best.



Choose water-resistant sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection.

2. Bring Extra Towels

We know … they’re bulky and you might not need them, but you also might! Two per person for beach adventures is advisable. One to dry off with, one to sit on.



You don’t have to bring dozens of towels. When you reserve your condo at The Strand, request a room with a washer and dryer.

3. Do Your Research

Ready for a raucous getaway — or do you seek a little serenity? Bringing the kids, or going alone? Check into what’s around your resort (and in it!) and choose one that fits your itinerary.



When you stay at The Strand Resort, you have the best of both worlds. Retreat onsite for the utmost tranquility. You’re still close enough to the action in Myrtle Beach if you want that, too.

The Strand Outdoor Pool

4. Pack the Right Beach Toys

Kids don’t need complicated playthings to have a blast at the beach. A simple bucket, scoop, and mold or two are plenty to captivate their imagination. They’ll double as bath toys if your children are of that age.



Squeeze deflated inflatable beach balls and floats into these buckets when you pack.

5. Cover Your Feet

It’s nice to have your toes in the sand, but when you venture out on a walk, slip into beach shoes or flip-flops. Portions of the beach can be hot or have patches of rocky, shelly terrain. You’ll be more comfortable if you decide to trek down to the nearest pier.



Time your beach walks with low tide. The beach tends to be smoother and freer of sharp objects.

6. Pack Fun Outfits

You might have a little shopping to do. Anything from rompers, cover-ups, new swimsuits, and floppy hats can make a difference. Bring your favorite ball cap, or spring for a Chanticleers or Pelicans lid when you get here.

Try this

Pack for daytime and evening wear. Spring nights can get a little chilly. Also, pack one set of nice clothes for dinner out.


7. Plan for Adventure

YOLO, and you’re at the beach. Try bodyboarding, surfing, paddleboarding. Anything that looks like fun that your family could tackle. Rent equipment from a place such as Surf City Surf Shop to try before you buy.



Adventure need not be extreme. You can rent bikes from Surf City Surf Shop, too, and explore the Grand Strand.

8. Check Out the History

It’s not all about new restaurants (although, have you been to Winnah’s Kitchen?). Learn a little about the town at these sites:

  • Hopsewee Plantation: Dates to the 18th century. Thomas Lynch Jr., a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was born in this Georgetown home.
  • Cap’n Rod’s Lowcountry Boat Tours: Also in Georgetown. This outfit will take you on a tour of historical plantations in the area.
  • War Bird Park: See planes from the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base. It’s on the base’s former site, which is now Market Common.

9. Save the Drinks for the Right Setting

At the poolside bar, a rooftop bar, or at a boardwalk restaurant. Those are places to enjoy a great adult beverage! While you’re out and about, on a boat, doing anything that requires skill? Those are places to not enjoy a great adult beverage. Enjoy the right way.



Hit The Strand Bar at your resort. Share a plate of Fried Pickle Spears and have a Gone Coastal Frozen Daquiri.

Oceanfront Room

10. Get Value for Your Money at the Strand Resort

A stay at The Strand is about more than a beautiful beach view. You’re in a wonderful location, in the care of professional staff. And in clean, comfortable accommodations. Learn more about The Strand Resort and book your beach getaway today.


The Strand Oceanfront Room
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