Things to do in Myrtle Beach with Teens

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Family vacations change over time, as kids grow up and their tastes change. Fortunately, great vacation destinations like Myrtle Beach offer up fun activities for every stage of life, from toddler-friendly activities to kid zones and even great activities for the retiree crowd. With teenagers in tow, there are tons of popular choices—from shopping to high-energy entertainment and mellow, relaxing summer fun. Here are a few of our top picks for fun with teens in Myrtle Beach: 1. Go to the beach One of the nice things about having teens on a beach vacation is that they’re likely to enjoy relaxing on the beach as much as mom and dad! So be sure to plan plenty of time for soaking up the sun. Bring a portable music player, as well—teenagers love being allowed to play DJ. If there’s one time you can suffer through their music, this is probably it. Just stare at the horizon and focus on the sound of the waves. 2. Try a lesson Surfing lessons can be a great option for teenagers while you’re vacationing in Myrtle Beach. There are several different options, but keep in mind that you may have to travel outside of Myrtle Beach a bit, as surfboards and kayaks are prohibited in certain beaches during peak season, as a safety precaution. But knowing that your teen is doing something healthy, active and fun while you enjoy a few hours teen-free can  more than make up for the travel time. Plus, it’s great to see your teen pick up a new skill. 3. Put the pedal to the metal Whether your teen has yet acquired a driver’s license or not, it’s likely that he or she is into driving—so why not let them take out some of their need for speed in a controlled environment: NASCAR SpeedPark. There are plenty of go kart options at this park, including one that’s so fast, you have to have a license to drive in order to get behind the wheel. And if you also have family members in your party who are too little to drive, don’t worry, there are 2-seater options so mom and dad can take them out for a spin. 4. Challenge them to a mini golf game Mini golf is seriously fun for the whole family. Get competitive  or keep it friendly, the choice is yours. And there are so many options for mini golf in Myrtle Beach, you can probably visit a different course nearly every day of your stay. Try one, try them all. This is just a short list of entertainment options for teens when you come to Myrtle Beach, and Breakers Resort is in the heart of them all. There are plenty more, including copious shopping choices. That’s why this is one of the top vacation destinations around! Posted 6/17/13

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