The Peach Cobbler Factory Is a Sweet Attraction to Visit in Myrtle Beach

These are no pedestrian, mail-it-in desserts.


When you visit the Peach Cobbler Factory, you’re getting something special. With locations in Georgetown, Myrtle Beach, and North Myrtle Beach, there’s one near you. Some of the stellar sweets served here:

  • Banana puddings
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Cold Rush cold-brewed coffee
  • Ice cream
  • Pudd-N Shakes
  • Sweet Peachy Tea

A delicious addition to the menu: the Bigger & Better Cookie. It comes in 11 different flavors, too. You’ll have to try a brand-new one every time you visit! In fact, most Peach Cobbler Factory desserts come in various varieties.


The Peach Cobbler Factory’s signature dessert is its namesake.


They feature 12 varieties, served with vanilla bean ice cream and a dash of Cobbler Magic. It’s the topping that completes the dream. Choose from flavors such as Mango Peach, Sweet Potato Pecan, and more.


Peach Cobbler Factory even has its own coffee and milk offerings. You won’t find what they offer anywhere else!

Other Top Spots for Dessert in Myrtle Beach

Never decline an invitation to one of these sweet spots.

  • THE CRAZY MASON MILKSHAKE BAR: This popular place in North Myrtle Beach draws big crowds. And for good reason. The efficient staff keep things moving along! What they create in Mason jars is crazy.
  • KILWINS MYRTLE BEACH: This place will take you back with classic chocolates and ice cream. Enjoy something on-site and bring some candy back to the resort!
  • KIRK’S ICE CREAM PARLOR (6101 North Kings Highway | (843) 449-0606: Some of the most delicious ice cream you’ll ever have! You can’t miss with flavors such as chocolate peanut butter and jolted cow.
  • MAD MYRTLE’S ICE CREAMERY: It’s a cute spot with big-time sweets. Try traditional milkshakes, funnel cakes, and sundaes. You’ll get fast service and awesome variety right on the boardwalk.
  • SUGAR KINGDOM MYRTLE BEACH: Pick up some fudge for later and an ice cream cone for now at this pretty, bright store. You’ll find friendly service and a vast selection of candy of every imaginable kind.
  • SWEETREATS (930 Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade): You’ll find a delicious selection of tasty soft-serve ice cream, especially in a waffle cone! Some call it Myrtle Beach’s favorite shop!

ADVICE: Budget $5 (or $10) for everyone in your family to buy a gift for someone else. Like secret Santa, only secret Gay Dolphin. It’s an adventure.

peach cobbler with ice cream
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