Something for Couples to Share in Myrtle Beach

Feeling that pull for a winter getaway with your partner?


Myrtle Beach is a fabulous place for that. With lovely weather but smaller crowds, an off-season visit can be memorable. 


Whether it’s time to reconnect or a chance to get better acquainted, pack your bags for the Grand Strand.

Tips for Traveling as a Couple

So long as you have a productive dialogue as you plan, you’re headed in the right direction. Above all, listen to each other and have fun.

  1. Welcome the chaos
  • The unexpected can influence your mood. Especially in unfamiliar surroundings. Remain positive for successful results.
  1. Set expectations
  • You’ll want to find a rhythm to your travels, but don’t put pressure on yourself to make it flawless. Dream big and know what’s possible.
  1. Value alone time
  • If your partner wants a bit of space, don’t worry. It’s human nature to need solitude, even when traveling with someone you love.

Terrific Activities for Couples to Do on the Grand Strand

Whether it’s your first trip or you’re including a wedding proposal, there are so many fun things for you in Myrtle Beach.

1. Play on a Pier

You don’t have to fish to use a pier, although that would be fun.


Why? Spend some time on a romantic walk. You can stop along the way and take in the views — and a few selfies. Those pics will get lots of likes.


Where to visit: Apache Pier. You’ll be glad you left the shore. Find arcade games, a bait and tackle shop, a casual restaurant, and more.


TRY THIS: Cast a line together. There’s a charge per person, max of two rods, and you can rent rods and tackle. Entry to the pier costs a few dollars if you’re walking. 

2. Have Breakfast Together

Splurge on a lavish spread or share coffee and Danish in a cafe.


Why? You get to start the day with someone special. Especially if you head to a restaurant, that’s extra time to talk and plan your day.


Where to eat: Southern Pancake House. SO savory. Make it big and order the western omelet and a stack of pancakes. You might need a nap!


TRY THIS: Put those calories to efficient use with competition at Jungle Safari Golf. You’ll have a blast! Look for discounts in the Monster Coupon book.

3. Visit a Winery or Wine Bar

With a basic interest in wine, you’ll find a tour and tasting intriguing.


Why? Wine tourism is a thing. The staff will help you find something new and exciting to try. You could discover your new favorite.


Where to visit: Duplin Winery. The wine is sublime, and the service is something extra. Follow up with dinner at the nearby Hook & Barrel.


TRY THIS: Visit the winery on a weekend for some of the area’s hottest musical talent, live.

4. Ride Horses

It’s no mystery that this is one of the most romantic activities ever.


Why? Feel a degree of freedom, while forming a bond with your steed and your partner. You’ll gain a whole new perspective.


Where to go: Inlet Point Plantation. If you’ve been yourself, you’ll want to experience this with a loved one. They’ll match horses to your skill level.


TRY THIS: If this IS the time to pop the question, book the proposal tour. Not ready? There are other awesome tours you can book that will be memorable.

5. Share a Pizza

Be thoughtful and consider your partner’s favorite toppings first!


Why? Compromising on a pizza — toppings, crusts, and more — is a microcosm of a relationship. Can you both get what you want?


Where to visit: Coast Pizza. It’ll become a habit on all your trips! This quaint place will become your favorite when you visit the Grand Strand.


TRY THIS: Bring a Grandma pizza back to the resort to share. Take it to the beach, out on the balcony, or for movie night together.

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