Ripley’s Aquarium in a Day? Here’s How

What a cool way to spend a day.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach has so much to offer, that it could dominate a day on your vacation itinerary. It’s so much more than a fish tank! It offers many ways to captivate the imagination of visitors, regardless of age.

From Breakfast with a Mermaid to sleepovers, check out what you can do at Ripley’s Aquarium.

Spending a day at Ripley’s Aquarium

Use all the time available during business hours by getting here as early as you can. Breakfast is a good place to start.

1. Breakfast with a mermaid

It’s not every day you see a double rainbow — and it’s not every day you get to kick it with a mermaid. Before the aquarium opens, belly up for a full breakfast with a mermaid, and get a selfie (and craft) too. Book your morning online, and start your day right!


Stick around after breakfast to hear mermaid storytime. It’s a part of this magical experience your children won’t soon forget.

2. Escape to Planet Jellies

Watch jellyfish defy the laws of physics in beautiful ways. Thousands will envelop you amid a backlit setting. The colors will change to make this fascinating display even more mesmerizing.


Can you identify jellies, such as the Atlantic Sea Nettle, Moon Jelly, and Spotted Lagoon Jelly? Descriptions and images are on the home page.


3. Take a Marine Science Research Center Tour

If your instincts tell you there’s more than meets the eye to Ripley’s Aquarium, you’re right! This is a rescue and care facility, with high-tech quarantine and research capabilities. Get a peek at what the staff does for animal rescue and research every day.

Look for Cheddar, the rare orange lobster the crew rescued from a restaurant. He’s a one-in-30-million rarity, and his shell is something to behold!

4. Play at the Penguin Playhouse

Check out what Ripley’s has created to help rehabilitate African penguins. An entire colony lives at Ripley’s Aquarium, including two babies who were born there. They are every bit as entertaining as you might imagine!


Try a VIP Penguin Experience. That includes helping a flippered friend create a painting! (and you get to keep the masterpiece.)

5. Spring for a sleepover — with penguins or sharks?

Slip in just before closing time for an enchanting evening with the sea life of choice. Each experience includes a scavenger hunt, late-night snack, and lots of learning. Set up camp near your favorite animals, then enjoy a light breakfast in the morning.

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