Ranking the Top 5 Steakhouses in Myrtle Beach

Many Myrtle Beach visitors plan on a steak dinner.

We love steak! All the deep, resonant flavor when you get that tender, juicy first bite. Sorry, we get carried away a little when it comes to steak.

Let’s talk a little about how to order a steak the way you like it.

Tips for ordering steak

You’ll find a variety of sides and toppings, but one thing’s for sure: steak is good. Keep these suggestions in mind when you order.

1. Try the special

Chefs can get innovative with ingredients and cooking methods with the daily special. They want to try new items or kill it with a favorite. It’s their time to shine, and your time to indulge.

3. For the best flavor …

Chef Michael Lomonaco is a New York restaurateur and TV personality. He recommends rare to medium-rare. It allows for the true flavor of the beef, with a charred outside and cooler inside. Cooking a steak more can detract from flavor and texture.

3. If you’re a beginner …

First, welcome to paradise. Second, seasoned beefeaters know the cut they like best. For you tenderfoot types, we recommend four main cuts: Filet, New York strip, ribeye, and sirloin.

steak entree with veggies

Here are the 5 leading steakhouses in Myrtle Beach

To ensure you get the finest steak experience on the Grand Strand, we investigated the area’s steaks. Someone had to. Here are the best.

1. Angelo’s Steak & Pasta

Visit this family restaurant made famous for its steaks (they have pretty good pasta and a buffet, too.) Many consider Angelo’s Steak & Pasta home of Myrtle Beach’s best steak, one you’ll want to make a part of every beach trip. Angelo’s is dine-in only. They offer an early-bird menu, great appetizers, and nightly specials.

PRO TIP: Try the Ribeye or New York Strip, available in 10 and 14 ounces. There’s also a Big Daddy option, a whopping 24 ounces.

2. New York Prime

Pack your nice clothes for an excursion to New York Prime. This high-end steakhouse features top-notch, knowledgeable servers and free valet parking. It’s a New York-style steakhouse that has served the Grand Strand for more than 20 years.

PRO TIP: The Delmonico Steak is a thick, elevated experience in itself. Steaks here are aged 28 days and prepared Pittsburgh style, with a charred exterior.

3. Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Myrtle Beach

This popular chain has made quite an impression with sizzling, butter-topped steaks and other extravagancies. Did you know the happy hour at Ruth’s Chris Steak House is also stellar? From the fries to the dessert menu, everything is top quality.

PRO TIP: Try the 24-ounce T-bone. Ruth’s Chris serves custom-aged Midwestern steak, broiled to order at 1,800 degrees. A heated plate keeps your dinner hot until the end.

4. Thoroughbreds Chophouse and Seafood Grille

Another adventure in fine dining, in a clubhouse atmosphere with a fireplace. At Thoroughbreds Chophouse and Seafood Grille, you’ll dine in a romantic setting. The staff will help make the evening special. This locally owned restaurant has pleased locals and visitors for more than 30 years.

PRO TIP: The Prime Tomahawk is 55 ounces and an unforgettable excursion. They also serve a Black Angus Filet Mignon, 10-ounce, which is remarkable.

5. 21 Main at North Beach

For a taste of the south, enjoy dry-aged beef in 21 Main, inside North Beach Resort and Villas. When you set foot inside, you’ll find an ornate dining space. And an experience that never disappoints. Your evening can include a vintage wine list, and 21 Main has an in-house sommelier, too.

PRO TIP: The Prime Bone-in Ribeye is 20 ounces and aged 45 days. 21 Main serves USDA Prime and Certified Angus beef. The Prime New York Strip (16 ounces) is also a wonderful choice.

Filet Mignon
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