Eat on the Grand Strand Like Tyler Florence of the Extra Mile

Tyler Florence came to town and he liked what he ate.


The star of “The Extra Mile” visited Myrtle Beach not long ago. The Food Network was in town to film The Great Food Truck Race. He spent time between shoots sampling the area’s food scene.


Here are the places he visited and what he liked.

Tips for Trying New Restaurants

A visit from a Food Network personality gives instant credibility to the joint. You might not have Tyler Florence’s clout, but you can still have fun trying new eateries. Things to consider:

  1. Give it time

Even the best restaurants could run into difficulty when they first open. Give the staff a few weeks before you try out a new restaurant in town.

  1. Ask your friends

There’s a school of thought that recommendations are better than advertisements. Ask friends, family, or, if you’re traveling, locals for the deets.

  1. Consider the value

Price comes into play when you judge your experience. You’ll want to feel as if you got your money’s worth after you’ve eaten.

Tyler’s Taste in Town

TV stars get a bit more cooperation than everyday folk. But these restaurants also have a rep for taking care of their customers.

1. Peaches Corner

Tyler decided to bounce over the Peaches during a break.


About Peaches Corner

Open since 1937, Peaches Corner is older than Myrtle Beach! You’ll make a friend with this amiable staff and have a great lunch.


What Tyler got: A World Famous Footlong Hotdog with mustard, relish, and onions. Plus, a Peaches Burger; and Fried Oreos. “This is, without a doubt, the full boardwalk experience,” Tyler said.


What’s also good: The Shrimp Basket, French Fries, and Chicken Fingers. Each is tough to resist.

Peaches Corner

2. Bistro 217

Tyler once lived in South Carolina and hasn’t had softshell crabs since he did.


About Bistro 217

It’s a stylish restaurant with a diverse array of pasta, seafood, and steak. It also has a full bar and courtyard to enjoy. Join them for happy hour at Bistro 217.


What Tyler got: Softshell Crab on slaw with southern mustard. “That is so great,” Tyler said. “Chef, thanks for flexing your muscle, brother.”

3. Sea Captain’s House

This Myrtle Beach institution features world-famous She-Crab Soup. Tyler, however, went a different route at Sea Captain’s House.


About Sea Captain’s House

A man from High Point, N.C., built this place in 1930 as a vacation home. It became a cottage in the 40s and an in by the 50s. 


What Tyler got: Shrimp and Grits. “The grits look like Creme Brulé,” Tyler said. “That’s one of the best plates of food I’ve had in a long time.”

Exterior of Sea Captains House
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