Distinguish Yourself From the Crowd at 3 Myrtle Beach Open-Mic Places

An open mic is the best way to amuse yourself in Myrtle Beach.


If you’re into testing your chops in front of a crowd, the Grand Strand has that opportunity for you. If you’ve graduated from karaoke and want to bring it proper, we have the places you want to get to. You’ll gain memories and friends, even if you don’t bring the crowd to its feet.


So warm up the pipes and get into the spotlight!

Tips for Taking on Open Mic

When you hit the beach, you sometimes bring bravado. Test out your courage by taking the stage for an open mic with this advice.

  1. Trust!

A good band is tightly knit. An open mic is fluid and new. Trust the sound system operator to put you in the best and do your thing.

  1. Get comfy!

After your introduction, it’s all you. Even with a handful of songs, you want to put forth your best. Know the tunes inside and out and own it!

  1. Practice!

What could be more romantic than serenading your partner with your sweet tunes? The more you know your songs, the freer you are to express yourself.

Looking for an Open-Mic Hotspot? Here Are 3 to Visit

Take your moment on stage, then splurge on food and drink at these awesome Myrtle Beach locations.

1. Fresh Brewed Coffee House

The difference at Fresh Brewed Coffee House is that local artists and poets alike come to the stage. The aura is great in this faith-based cafe serving fresh, global coffee. Call ahead to make sure schedules haven’t changed, but Thursdays have been open-mic nights. They have an amazing acoustic setup! 


TRY THIS: You might be all nerves beforehand, but after you perform, stick around. Order a coffee and bagel and support the local artists.

2. Bar Louie — Broadway at the Beach

Ready to produce live music like a superstar? Bar Louie is famous for its atmosphere, food, and good times, especially on open-mic nights. It’s a lively crowd with quality service, so what’s not to love?


TRY THIS: The Chicken Nachos. After you go on, of course. These things are tasty with a kick.

3. Senor Frog’s

A toast to getting to sing in your favorite Mexican restaurant at the beach. It’s the open-mic night every night at Senor Frogs, in such an enjoyable place. Enjoy a plate of nachos (notice a theme here?) and the local talent!


TRY THIS: Come on a night the DJs are playing because they’re dope, too.

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