BEST OF: Yummy Sushi in Myrtle Beach

It would be no secret that sushi aficionados would recommend Myrtle Beach as a tasty destination.


Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. The food scene on the Grand Strand has boomed for a while. It’s expanding into the cuisines that travelers love most. This land of barbecue and calabash seafood has grown in tasty ways.


Here are the finest sushi places, all convenient to The Strand Resort.

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

Anyone opposed to incredible food and entertainment should reconsider visiting Miyabi. It’s a blast!


WHAT’S HOT: The experience. Chefs prep and grill your food in a classic Japanese-themed environment. For sushi, try the Alaskan roll (salmon, tomatoes, scallions, and mayo) and the California Roll.


ADVICE: Servers should know the menu. Ask any questions you have. In places such as Miyabi, they’re knowledgeable about what they serve!


Fuji Japanese Restaurant

For another hibachi-and-sushi prospect, check out Fuji.


WHAT’S HOT: It’s a local favorite, for takeout and dine-in. Must-try sushi includes Vegetable Rolls, Spicy Crab Meat Rolls, and Shrimp Tempura Rolls. They also serve a Chicken tempura roll that is delicious.


ADVICE: First time trying raw fish? Maki and uramaki are good to start with. Americanized versions of these rolls are an easy transition for many.

SOHO Steak & Seafood Sushi Bar

From the moment you walk in, you get the sense you’re in the right place for an exceptional experience.


WHAT’S HOT: Happy hour! Yet, any hour is fun at Soho with an extensive sushi menu of appetizers, plates, and rolls. Enjoy classics such as Hamachi, Maguro, and Tako. Also, unique offerings such as the Soho CrunchyRoll.


ADVICE: Eat the fish in the order it’s placed on your plate. To preserve the right temperature, eat fish within 45 seconds.

Sushi King Steak & Seafood

If you know about Sushi King, you’re likely already familiar with the stellar sushi here. It’s a go-to stop for many!


WHAT’S HOT: Appetizers such as the Sushi King Salmon Tower. This one features salmon tartare, avocado, marinated ginger root, and sesame rice wine dressing. Vegetarian offerings are quite popular, too.


ADVICE: Share your sushi! Many restaurants offer sushi boats for the table. Plan on one roll, or six pieces, per person.


This is a fantastic spot for a vacation date.


WHAT’S HOT: Fish Jalapenos. Choose salmon, tuna, or yellowtail. It’s served with cream cheese and jalapeno, deep-fried. The Bonzai Tree features crab, avocado, and masago. It’s wrapped in a whole cucumber with ponzu sauce.


ADVICE: Want to know if your sushi is fresh? It should look bright, shiny, and translucent. It should stay bright in color without blotches or discoloration.

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