3 Interesting Facts About Relaxing in Myrtle Beach

Sometimes, a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach is all about adrenaline.

Sometimes, it’s not. Not every Myrtle Beach vacation includes parasailing, going mano-a-mano with mahi-mahi in the deep sea, or hovering above The Grand Strand on a helicopter tour.

Sometimes, a soul just needs a good sunset. Or three. Myrtle Beach has that too. And the slower pace has its benefits. After a tumultuous 2020 and heading into what should turn out to be an interesting holiday season, to say the least, isn’t it time to unwind?

Maybe your idea of a relaxing excursion includes wine and comfort food. A wandering trip down the Waccamaw River in a kayak. Slow walks on the boardwalk, around places such as Broadway at the Beach or Barefoot Landing. Perhaps it has nothing to do with going out – and everything to do with staying in. What does a serene weekend look like to you?

coastal view with Atlantic Ocean on Right and The Strand on left

Why is Relaxing Important?

A little R&R can make you feel A-OK. A day spent on a beach towel with a good book reduces the stress of the everyday. It exacerbates symptoms of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. It can lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate. When you’re sipping your favorite drink on a Myrtle Beach balcony, you can almost feel your tension melt away.

3 Interesting Facts About Relaxing in Myrtle Beach

As if you needed a reason to steal away to Myrtle Beach …

Self-Care Reduces Stress and Boosts Health

Being busy makes it tough for us to get our minds off work, schedules, parenting, finances, and a load of other concerns about adult life. Building up stress can lead to compromised health.

Myrtle Beach Stress Reliever: Beach Yoga

Combine two amazingly relaxing things – the beach and yoga. Pack your mat and drop it in in the sand for one of those yoga sessions like you see on TV, only better, because it’s in person. Rather take a class? Check out Yoga in Common for beach and studio sessions.


Myrtle Beach Stress Reliever: Enjoy a Fall Sunrise

Visit TimeAndDate.com or do a simple Google search for sunrise times Myrtle Beach. Plan on getting to your watch spot 20 minutes before sunrise for the best results.


Music Can Help You Relax

Music alone can have a calming effect. An upbeat playlist can invigorate your day; a slower tempo can help you ease muscle tension and worry.

Myrtle Beach Relaxing Tip: Seaside Chair and Chill

Bring a seat – either a chair or a beach blanket – out by the waves. The soundtrack of your favorite mellow (or cheerful) music is perfect for watching the waves out on Myrtle Beach. Or close your eyes, turn down the tunes, and let the sounds of the ocean take over.

Myrtle Beach Relaxing Tip: Nature walk

With or without earbuds in, take to a trail in Myrtle Beach for an escape from it all. The solitude and beauty of a nature walk can vastly improve your state of mind in short order.


The More Oxygen You Get, the Better

Oxygen is good for you. When you’re stressed, your breathing becomes shallower, thus limiting oxygen intake. Taking deep breaths gets more oxygen into your body.

Myrtle Beach Breathing Tip: Try Paddleboarding

It’s a low-impact workout that allows you to also see some of the most beautiful places in Myrtle Beach from a new perspective. Take your own pace. It’s good to get up on your feet and move to relax. It’s the ultimate place for you to meditate, too.


Now, Go Relax

Serenity takes on many forms – especially in a place like Myrtle Beach. What calms you? What sets your mind at ease? That’s what you need to follow when you get away from it all. A relaxing trip is a great way to close out the year and prep yourself for whatever’s ahead.

Stay at The Strand Resort for Your Myrtle Beach getaway

The Strand Resort in Myrtle Beach is an amazing place to make the center of your relaxing weekend. It’s convenient to so much on The Grand Strand and has plenty to offer if you just want to stay in, with spacious, comfortable rooms, kitchens, and heated swimming pools. Book your stay today.


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