10 family-friendly things to do at Myrtle Beach

Hit the shore, take in a show and more

Sunset over the ocean

Is it spring yet?

Lucky for all of us, spring comes a little early at Myrtle Beach. (And it’s never too early to start dreaming of the Carolina coast.) There’s a perfect blend of activities in Myrtle Beach, from traditional to brand-new.

It’s easy to get into a routine when you make it to your favorite vacation destination! We’ve put together a list of must-dos when you make it down this way. Have you tried these? Do you recommend others? Let us know in the comments!

Two kids in the ocean

1. The Beach

You don’t have to wait for Memorial Day to enjoy the beach. In March and April, temperatures typically range from around 50 F for lows and 70 F for highs. That’s warm enough to spend the day on the beach (don’t forget sunscreen!) or take an evening stroll (don’t forget a jacket!)

Pro tip: Myrtle Beach is a treasure trove for the sharks tooth seeker. Scan along the shoreline, with the sun to your back. They’ll glisten and be easier to find!

2. Game of Mini Golf

The rest of the world might have caught up a bit, but we still consider Myrtle Beach to be the Mini Golf Capital of the World. Navigate playful hazards such as pirates, dragons and dinosaurs for family fun that’ll set you back about the cost of a burger and fries!

Pro tip: Hit the gift shop before and after you play. It’s proven that ice cream lowers your mini-golf score; and the round’s winner should get a treasure to show for it!

3. Games along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Can’t stay out of the water hazard at mini golf? Find redemption in Skee-ball, pinball and other games, vintage and brand-new, at Fun Plaza Arcade. Located among rides and treats on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, it’s a great diversion between funnel cakes and cotton candy.

Pro tip: While you’re on the boardwalk, might we suggest a spin on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel. It looks like a ferris wheel, but is actually the first observation wheel in the U.S.!

4. Dinner and shopping at Broadway at the Beach

There’s more than 100 shops in 23 acres, including a few retail chains, boutiques and beach-specific stores for a diverse shopping experience. Find craft beers and craft food, delicious pizza, local seafood and more among a stellar collection of restaurants, too.

Pro tip: Look for deals! Many shops and restaurants have daily specials. Also, your hotel lobby often offers coupon books for discounts, deals and kids-eat-free promotions.

5. Catch a show at Pirates Voyage

What kid wouldn’t love dinner with pirates? Immerse yourself and your family in an incredible 90-minute, full-action pirate show, with some of the best entertainers on the coast, while enjoying a four-course meal. And the food also gets rave reviews!

Pro tip: Get there at least 45 minutes early. Get settled and check out the pre-show activities and things for the kids to do.

6. Explore Myrtle Beach State Park

The place to camp on the coast. Whether you camp or stay in a cabin, fish, crab or pack a picnic, this state park has plenty of room. It’s an easy walk to the ocean, and you can choose a guided hike that’s kid-friendly. It’s a great blend of closeby and a forest that feels a world away.

Pro tip: Stay overnight. On a clear night, this spot will give you an incredible view of the stars and a quiet place to unwind a bit on your getaway.

7. Head to rockin’ jump for some indoor fun

Bring the kids inside to work off some of that bound-up energy! This wonder plex has climbing walls, trampolines, aerial silks and more. It’s clean and well-maintained, with snacks available when all that jumping saps the kids out. There are massage recliners for parents, too.

Pro tip: Use on-site lockers to keep kids’ shoes and things safe while they play. Also, pick up a pair of frog-green socks for the kids to wear in the facility for a couple of bucks.

8. Kayak along the Marsh

A bit inland, rent a kayak and see the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina like you’ve never seen it. The area has plenty of rental choices and guided tours, and it’s easy to learn the basics if you’re new to kayaking. A moonlight excursion would be unforgettable.

Pro tip: Avoid low tide. South Carolina pluff mud – the milder cousin to famous Mississippi Mud – is tough to kayak through if you’re not in sufficient water!

9. Enjoy a night of fun at Top Golf

Have fun playing golf – even if you’re not great at playing golf. If you haven’t played Top Golf yet, you’ve probably heard of all the fun you can have hitting golf balls and racking up points. Top Golf serves delicious food as you take your swings at this family-fun activity.

Pro tip: It’s tempting to aim for the big-score targets as you compete with your group. Try aiming for lower-point targets and get some momentum to mount your sneak attack.

DVD Now Rentals

10. Enjoy a DVD movie rental in your home away from home

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the fun you can have at Myrtle Beach that you forget to relax! Just as you’d plan an outing or day on the beach, make time to rent a movie. Grab a pizza and pick a flick you’ve been wanting to see together. Take time to unwind!

Pro tip: Pick a beach-set movie. Depending on ages and taste for everyone in the family, you have a ton of choices, from Jaws to Aquamarine to Something’s Got to Give.

Relax – and enjoy your stay here at The Strand Resort in Myrtle Beach.

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