10 Beach-Bag Essentials for Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

When you pack a well-packed beach bag, your outing on the Grand Strand could actually be a day at the beach.

That all depends on what you pack. Being out on the shore can be a wonderful experience, but there are a few goods you won’t want to go without. These are 10 standard must-haves; you might have a few to add that would suit you, too.

What do you make sure goes in your beach bag?

10 Non-negotiable Items for Your Grand Strand Beach Bag

Don’t leave home (or the resort!) without them.

1. Healthy snacks

A stick of beef jerky and a moon pie can be fun. But you’ll want to keep a bit of a healthier array socked away. Trail mix, granola bars, and fruit skewers are great for a little protein. Stainless steel containers are easier on the environment than single-use bags.

2. Sunglasses

They’re necessary for comfort and safety, not just the look. Sun glare can be intense, but you don’t want to bring your designer pair for a day on the seashore. Pick up an inexpensive pair at a local shop, and be sure they filter UVA and UVB light from your eyes.

3. Water bottle

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate when at the beach to keep your body from dehydration. A metal model can keep the liquid cool and you can refill it as needed. Invest in a bottle with a design you like and you’ll more likely keep up with it.

sunglasses on the beach during sunrise

4. Simple, sturdy beach toys

Nothing fancy, just a bucket, a shovel, and a few other accouterments are all you need. Oh, you don’t have kids with you? Sand toys are a good distraction for grown-ups, too.

 5. Sunscreen

It’s good to soak in a bit of Vitamin D from the sun, but there are plenty of harmful rays you should avoid, too. The best balance: A sweat and water-resistant application, with an SPF of 70+. Remember to reapply often if you’re out for an extended period.

 6. Lightweight beach towels

Even if you’re not going to frolic in the waves, you’ll need one to lounge on, or at least dust off the sand with. Pick microfiber, quick-dry towels over large terrycloth ones. They’ll be easier to transport after use and won’t soak your bag.

Sunscreen and goggles laying on the beach

7. Lip balm

You diligently reapplied sunscreen, wore a big hat, and pitched a beach umbrella. But your lips were exposed and got sunburned! Be sure to include this in your bag to protect your lips.

8. A big hat

Whether it’s a wide straw variety, a visor, or your favorite team’s ball cap, wear it! Your skin and eyes could use the extra protection beyond sunscreen and shades. Plus, hat shade doesn’t wear off as sunscreen does.

9. Leave-in conditioner

Sand and saltwater can benefit your skin but have a different effect on your hair. The moisture will help safeguard your hair from damage and detangle your strands. They’re especially good for damaged, dry, or frizzy hair.

10. Waterproof wet-bag

Yes, a bag within a bag, to stash wet gear, or keep things such as phones and watches from getting wet. They’re great for keeping a dry set of clothes or stowing away towels and bathing suits. Use them to organize little things in your beach bag that get lost in the shuffle, too.

Beach essentials laying on towel
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