Get Your Hotdogs in Myrtle Beach for National Hot Dog Day

National Hotdog Day is July 19, and what better place to celebrate than a jewel of a vacation spot? Germans brought this popular food to America in the mid-1800s. They’ve been sold in carts and restaurants and served at cookouts since.


Hotdogs are the unofficial food of summer, a natural break during a fun beach day. They’re delicious, affordable, and easy to take with you for fun in the sun.

Hotdogs in Myrtle Beach

In the wilderness, you have little access to hotdogs. Lucky for you, you’re in Myrtle Beach, rich in hotdog joints. Let’s eat.

Peaches Corner

If you’re into nostalgia, one step into this place will seal the deal. Peaches Corner opened in 1937, a family-run eatery serving hamburgers and hotdogs. Save room for an ice cream treat after your meal.


Footlong hotdogs are 100% American, especially with chili, mustard, and onions. Peaches has a corn dog or short dog for the timid.

Burky's Grill

Indulge in this blast from the past, a counter-serve 50s-style grill. At Burky’s Grill, prices are stuck in yesteryear, with favorites such as fried balogna. It’s a must-stop on every Myrtle Beach trip for an alternative to chain restaurants.


Order a Burky’s combo for a hotdog, fries, and a drink. Their Cincinnati-style chili is excellent, too.

hot dogs

River City Cafe

Who can resist a visit to this popular spot on the Grand Strand? River City Cafe features wonderful service, delicious food, and a pleasant atmosphere. This location is close to The Strand, but all area branches have become favorites.


Try the ‘Big Dawg,’ an all-beef hotdog with homemade Texas chili, cheddar, mustard, onion, and slaw. There’s also a corndog and hotdog option on the kids’ menu.

Scooby's Ice Cream Bar & Grill

Keep this spot in mind for a tasty meal on your vacation. Scooby’s Ice Cream Bar & Grill is a welcoming place with knowledgeable staff. Food and drinks are top-notch, especially their Jello shots.


It’s a family restaurant with tasty hotdogs off the grill and an ice cream bar. Try the chicken souvlaki, Philly cheese sandwich, pizza, and more.

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